Winter Roadtrip

January 4~8th

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Bicycle training + east coast adventures

This is a winter special edition of Imagine camps and a unique adventure for kids to get inspired for 2021!

On this camp, kids will get to develop their cycling skills on a few lovely trails in Taipei and Taiwan’s picturesque rift valley. The cycling trails have been chosen to encourage kids to discover the joy of cycling and are car-free. The camp will also have plenty of opportunities for learning, including a trip to a science park and a dog shelter to learn about taking care of dogs. 

The excursion down the east coast to the rift valley will include a nights camping on the beach if the weather permits, if not a nearby campsite where we will be doing some survival training / wild cooking and plenty of field games. On the last day we will be travelling to Hualien’s famous ‘Wild Monkey Adventure Park‘ where there are some of Taiwan’s longest zip-lines to try. 

This will be the adventure of the year! (until the next Imagine camp at least…)

Age 8-12

Activities are designed and adapted to specific age group


On days 3&4 we will be off on a camping adventure on the east coast and rift valley

LINE Group

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On day's 1&2 kids will be picked up and dropped of at yuan shan MRT station at 9AM and 5PM.


Drop-off and pick location will be at Yuanshan MRT

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Schedule change

Please note that the below stated schedule is subject to change depending on the weather, interests, ability levels and other circumstances. we take a flexible approach, teaching the most appropriate skills at the best times

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Dog care + Cycling adventure part 1

Tody kids will be getting comfortable on the bicycle saddle with an easy ride along the bike path to Bali. We will then be hopping on the ferry over to Tamshui to visit the Hobe Fort for lunch and then send the afternoon learning about caring for dogs at a dog shelter. 


Ice Cream

Service leadership, fitness, history & fun. 

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Science park visit

The first day of the camp will be an Imagine style learning journey to the National Taiwan Science Education Center.


Inspiration & Education

Science workshop

Inspiration & Education

Coach Julia

Camping & Beach Survival training

The road trip begins! We will be making our way down the east coast for a trip to the beach for games, survival training, wild cooking and camping.



Nature Education, Survival Skills & Cooperation

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Cycling adventure part 2

Starting out from Yuli train station in the Rift valley we will be embarking on one of Taiwan’s most awesome cycle paths. 



Adventure Education, fitness & Cooperation

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Wild monkey adventure park

On the last day of the adventure, we will be visiting Hualien’s ‘Wild Monkey Adventure Park’ to hang out in the trees and have a go on the canopy circuit. 



Courage, Confidence, Teamwork & Fitness


NT$ 3900 per day
  • Activities, fees & facilitators
  • Imagine Coaches
  • Transport
  • Adventure sport insurance
  • Quality photos of the week
  • Camping & accommodation
  • Specified meals
LImited Space

When you have filled out the form below you will be sent a confirmation email and an invoice for the camp. Once payment has been made your child’s place on the camp is confirmed. 

Cancellation Policy
In the rare case that Imagine-Taiwan must cancel a trip due to low enrollment, we will do so at least 1 week prior to the start. If we cancel fewer than 1 week prior to the camp, we will issue you a full refund plus a NT$500 credit toward any of our other activities on offer within a calendar year.

Refund Policy 
If a customer would like to cancel a booking after a booking has been made this is our refund policy:  

-Cancellation 15-30 days before camp ~ 70% refund or 100% camp credit
-Cancellation 3-14 days before camp ~ 40% refund or 80% camp credit
-Cancellation 1 or 2 days before camp ~ 60% camp credit
-Cancellation after camp has started ~ No refund will be provided 

Exceptions to our cancellation policy can not be made for any reason, including weather, civil unrest, natural disasters or personal, family and medical emergencies. In all cases, we will not be responsible for any personal expenses incurred such as airline tickets, hotels or car rentals. Imagine-Taiwan reserves the right to make adjustments to the itinerary. 

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*January 4~8th
* Participants must sign up for the full 5 days

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