Young Camp 2021

August 2~4

Camp Full
Max Yolo Imagine summer camp

Fun & Forest Creativity workshops

On this 3-day experiential learning journey kids ages 6-8 will go on a series of learning adventures including raft riding, rock climbing, field games, nature hike and a range of forest based creativity challenges. This Imagine camp has been designed to get younger kids inspired by nature and set up for a life of adventure!

Day 1: Forest fun and field games. 
Day 2: Raft riding and nature workshop.
Day 3: Nature hike and rock climbing introduction.

3 Day Camp Schedule

Imagine Taiwan Summer Camp 2019 5

Forest fun & Field Games

Set in a beautiful forest setting, kids will need to use their critical thinking and the resources around them to complete a series of exciting challenges. Today we will also be playing plenty of fun-filled field games.


Nature Education, Survival Skills & Cooperation

Imagine Taiwan Summer Camp 2019 Raft building 1

Raft Riding & Nature Workshop

Working together, teams will learn a few key life skills like tying knots to build a floating raft made of bamboo. They will then have the opportunity to test it out on a river! We will also have a nature workshop, teaching kids to open their eyes to the natural world!


Courage, Confidence, Teamwork & Fitness


Nature Awareness Hike + Rock Climbing

It’s not always easy getting kids to enjoy hiking, but on an Imagine hike we turn a walk into an adventure! At a particularly biodiverse trail in North Taipei, kids will discover plenty of wildlife and complete a few challenges en route. In the afternoon we will go to a nearby climbing centre.


Nature Education, Action, Fun & Fitness


NT$ 3900 per day
  • Activities, fees & facilitators
  • Imagine Coaches
  • Transport
  • Adventure sport insurance
  • Quality photos of the week
LImited Space



Max & Yolo T-shirts

Max Yolo tshirts

This year we collaborated on an exclusive design with artist and illustrator Alice Tams

The main aim of our camps is to get kids to feel more confident living their own adventurous lives and we sincerely hope everything they learn on the camp will result in their own safe and exciting life experiences. This years T-shirt features a Formosan Macaque 台灣獼猴 (Max) and a Taiwanese Yuhina 冠羽畫眉 (Yolo) out on an adventure climbing Jade Mountain – an expedition possible for all the kids who join this camp!

T-shirts available for participants at a discounted NT$800.  

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