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Safety Policy

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Safety Policy

On an Imagine activity we prioritise safety before any fun and learning. While there are inherent risks with outdoor adventure activities we have a thorough risk assessment policy that mitigates any perceived risks.

Our coaches and guides are all first aid qualified and have a wealth of outdoor adventure experience. They provide background checks, have a passion for teaching and a vocational background in education. 

We also work closely with additional professional vendors on site, which are certified in the specific activities they provide.

We keep our group sizes small and have high coach to student ratios for optimum coaching and safety conditions, especially for any water activities where we usually have a coach to participant ratio of  1 : 3.  For forest and hiking activities ratios do not exceed 1:8.

Prior to any activity we offer each location and activity has undergone a thorough risk assessment where all the perceived risks have been mitigated. 

Imagine coaches will be versed with the risk assessments for each activity and and standard operational procedures (SOP’s) for the fastest response possible to any adverse situations. 

If the perceived risk of any activity exceeds a certain threshold then the activity will either be cancelled or rearranged. In Taiwan, weather can be a huge factor in this decision making and our pre-trip checks include a discussion about the conditions for the activity.     

We are committed to aligning with the government authorities’ directive to make sure our camps run as safely as possible and to ensure we minimize the potential risks exposed to our camp. We encourage healthy living with a good diet and being active outside. We deem being out in nature as one of the best ways to keep healthy, especially concerning mental and emotional health.

Even during a full camp, the number of kids and Imagine Coaches at camp is well below the number found at a typical school.

We will reserve the right to cancel the camp if we deem the conditions would put any participants at risk or if governmental announcements and restrictions will hinder the operation of the camp. Children with recent travel history or under home-quarantine will not be allowed on the camp. For these cases, please check the cancellation policy on our website.

Measurements before the camp:

* We have increased cleaning and disinfecting of the tools we use.

* We will make sure, that vendors we work with and gyms we go to are up to the same standards and follow any government regulations. 

Measurements during the camp:

* We will check temperatures before getting on the bus.

* We will promote frequent hand washing and wearing masks on bus rides.

* We will disinfect the attendee’s hands before entering the bus and during activities as much as possible.

asked questions

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

After signing up, you should receive a confirmation email from us. In the following days you’ll receive more info about the activity and an invoice. If you don’t get any of this info please let us know.  

Unless specified most of our activities are in English. Most of our team are bilingual and we have local and international coaches and guides.    


Answers some of our most commonly asked questions for outdoor adventure camps. 

Just one refillable bottle of water is enough. We’re making sure, we have water refills either with us or at the activity site.

Unless otherwise specified, all kids will need to bring their own lunch. Our activities require a lot of energy, having their own choice of food makes lunch time more enjoyable and additionally minimizes risks of allergic reactions.

The bathrooms are always at the activity site nearby the lunch and rest spots. Unless it’s a serious matter, coaches will not accompany the kids to the bathroom. However, if we’re concerned about the state of the students’ health, we will accompany them. We will always have at least one male and one female coach with us.

In general, we always make sure we have changing rooms available for kids to get changed gender separately. If they feel comfortable wearing the swimwear on the bus, she’s very welcome to do so. From previous experience, it’s usually half the kids wearing them on the bus, the other half changes at the site.

The packing list ist general and we will inform and give specific instructions before each day. Outdoor shoes are necessary for the days with climbing, hiking, cycling, or forest activity. Water shoes are necessary for water activities like SUP, kayaking, snorkelling, etc. Sometimes the outdoor shoes get wet and kids don’t want to wear them anymore, in that case, it’s always good to have a pair of slippers prepared. A set of change clothes usually comes in handy as well. The kids will not be wearing the backpack all day – just from the bus to the activity site in the morning and back to the bus in the afternoon. We will drop our things at a designated area covered from the rain. If we go on hikes or long walks, we make sure to only bring the necessities like water and rain jacket and leave the rest in the bus. 

Unless parents think it’s absolutely necessary to bring phones to the camp, we recommend not to. During the activities throughout the day, we refrain from using phones as it will limit the safety and concentration of participants. Screen time during bus rides will limit the group interaction among each other and may lead to carsickness.

Imagine Coaches will be in contact with all parents before and during the camp via a camp-specific Line group as well as emergency contact numbers. 

Imagine Taiwan does not take responsibility for any lost items.

After the camp, we will provide a link to a google photos folder. You can download any photos taken during this camp free of charge. If you share any of the pictures on social media, feel free to tag us @imagine_taiwan! 🙂

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