An intrepid adventure with Recognize

Recognize is an international school based in Shenzhen with a refreshingly inspired approach to education. Recognize students are encouraged to push their boundaries and feel confident exploring the world. As a result, at an early age each student develops a taste for adventure! An intrepid group of 20 joined Imagine for a once in a lifetime adventure in Taiwan.

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On this week long trip students got to ride a mini lumber train and cable car, explore waterfalls and historic towns, they also went river tracing, kayaking, camping and played Imagine’s Civilisation game… One of the highlight’s of the trip included a unique introduction to Taiwan’s Aboriginal culture where they were given a talk from some members of the Atayl tribe. 

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Taiwan has so much to share with the world in terms of raw geography and rich culture. We believe it is an incredible place for young minds to experience the great outdoors and it’s our pleasure to facilitate these kind of exciting childhood experiences. 

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Our travels with Imagine in Taiwan were fulfilling and educational for our students in many ways. Most importantly, our students, who primarily live an urban existence, got to have genuine outdoor experiences like river trekking, fire building, tent camping and river raft construction. The activities were varied enough to interest everyone at some point during the week. The students participated in individual growth, partner and group activities. The instructors had the perfect balance between safety and confidence building through risk taking. Overall, Imagine has tangibly inspired many of our students to return to nature and increase their interaction with the environment.

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