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Experiential Learning Journeys

Our experiential learning journeys are designed to provide students with experiences that challenge and inspire. The journey programme offers them an opportunity to build on their past experiences and open their world to new possibilities that they can confidently strive for.

"How we learn is how we live"

James Colb's experiential learning cycle

Experiential learning

Learning via experience is quite simply learning by doing, and learning by ‘doing’ comes very naturally to human beings! For young people, experiences are valuable opportunities for expanding their knowledge and testing their  abilities. They are also an excellent environment for trial and error where a safe space is provided for learners to make mistakes and refine their approaches to problem solving. When presented with a problem in an experiential setting, people draw from a range of dynamic abilities: memory, coordination, reflexes, critical thinking, teamwork and creativity. The outcome of the experience results in greater confidence and ability the next time a challenge arises. 

“Mental wellbeing describes your mental state – how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life.” Mental health in Taiwan’s youth is a growing concern and Imagine seeks to increase students’ wellbeing by connecting them with nature. Peer-reviewed research indicates that increasing numbers of students report self-harm and high levels of stress. At a time where people are spending more time indoors and looking at screens than ever before, nature connection in youth creates a stronger sense of self, increased connection with the world around them, and provides a healthy escape from stress. Especially beneficial are nature spaces with trees, water, and views.

Research globally has shown that activities in natural settings improve concentration and act as a buffer to stress, providing healthy coping mechanisms to reduce perceived stress. Spending time in nature is proven to raise children’s mood and improve their self-discipline. It also improves overall behaviour in children. By working together with schools, Imagine aims to offer students a robust connection to nature and the confidence to experience it, so they will have this precious source of peace and wellbeing available to them throughout their lives.

While many aboriginal and traditional cultures worldwide have ceremonies to help adolescents make the transition to adulthood, our modern day society lacks this ritualistic approach to ‘coming of age’. As a result, youth may feel confused about their roles as they have to determine on their own how and when to say goodbye to their childhood and move forward towards the responsibility of growing up. Experiential learning journeys are a meaningful way to mark the transition from childhood to teen years and adulthood. 

Life itself is an adventure, but having the confidence to create safe and exciting experiences should be possible for everyone. Learning how to plan and prepare for an adventure at a young age is a great asset for people throughout their lives, after all ‘how you learn is how you live’. Understanding that adventures can take place in your very neighbourhood and for little to no cost is something priceless to take away from this – all you really need is the idea!

Imagine trips offer a safe environment where students can overcome difficulties preparing for adventures like not knowing where to start, what to wear or what to pack. With the foundations learnt on these programmes, participants can start cultivating adventurous attitudes and be able to find joy in adventures throughout their lives. Having this attitude opens up the possibility of micro adventures where exciting and rewarding experiences are always possible. 

Learning Journey

ELJ Progressive grades arrow 1
Experiential learning Journey With Imagine Taiwan 1

Grade 3-5

Theme: Teamwork

An introduction to outdoor adventure activities should be both encouraging and inspiring. The aim of this trip is to spark a joy for outdoor adventure activities and a love of the natural environment. 

Imagine Taiwan Summer Camp 2019 Raft building 1
High Ropes adventure climbing Imagine

Grade 6-8

Theme: Confidence & Self Reliance

During these formative years of a child’s life, challenges are a vital part of building self confidence. We create safe situations for students to overcome their fears and start to feel at ease in a natural setting.  

Grade 9-12

Theme: Adaptability

Much of the journey through school involves structure and teamwork. During an outdoor adventure trip young people have the opportunity to develop independence and realise their own individual abilities. This part of the journey will involve strategic decision making and work on their ability to thrive in new situations.


Example activities

Educational Outcomes

The benefits of a positive outdoor adventure experience are limitless. Each experience is designed to achieve a specific learning outcome that builds on a schools curriculum. The International Baccalaureate (IB) learner profile defines a philosophy and set of learning outcomes that we aim to facilitate on our trips:

“The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognising their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world”

Imagine Taiwan IB Learner Profile blue


Risk Management

Although 100% safety can never be guaranteed outside the classroom, a thorough risk assessment is made and designed to manage risk where possible. Before and during the trip Imagine facilitators have been trained to evaluate risks and take action to ensure they are safely managed. Qualified instructors (either in First Aid or Wilderness First  Aid) are always present within each group. This, alongside  the detailed risk assessments specialised for each activity and location, combines with emergency protocols and safeguarding policies to create a safe and responsible learning environment. A core principle for every Imagine trip is:

1) Safety
2) Fun
3) Learning

Due to this thorough approach to safety throughout the organisation, we are proud of our impeccable safety record.  In turn, our client’s trust and well-being is in good hands.  

Just in case, we always provide outdoor activity insurance for additional peace of mind. 

Safeguarding Children

We take our responsibility as educators and trip providers very seriously, especially with regards to working with young people. We strive to meet the standard safeguarding expectations and requirements of modern, professional international schools. Imagine’s full safeguarding policy is available upon request. 

Programme details

Our programme can be booked as a 1-3 year course with one trip for each age group each year. We work closely with teachers to ensure the trip fits with the school’s specific needs and students’ parents are well informed. For some trips Imagine coaches will come and give a presentation to the students so they are well prepared and ready to have a fantastic experience.

School teachers are an integral part of this journey and we like to keep them well informed – once a programme has been booked, teachers will receive a detailed teacher guide, itinerary and trip timeline. Enquire below to find out more about a trip for your school. 

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