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Fully customisable school trips in Taiwan designed to meet your desired learning outcomes.

Why Taiwan?

Taiwan is an ideal place for experiential learning trips, service and leadership development activities. Additionally there are abundant adventurous outdoor challenges available, making it the perfect location for a school trip. 

With most of the island covered in vast mountainous wilderness, and a mixture of jungles, fields, beaches, rivers, natural hot springs and tiny islands, you could explore Taiwan for years and still have more to experience! In addition, there are some of the most friendly people you will ever meet, a rich culture and varied cuisine. Consequently, you have the perfect recipe for the trip of a lifetime. 

Whether your school is already in Taiwan or you are considering taking a group here from overseas, the dedicated team at Imagine Taiwan are ready to deliver to your needs.

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Fully Customisable

Please browse the menu or blog for some of the ready-made trips. Besides the listed examples, there is a whole range of other options to suit your goals for single or multi-day itineraries. Everything from environmental workshops, to aboriginal culture exchange experiences, Buddhist temple visits, camping, mountain hikes, river tracing and cycling journeys. Please let us know about your school trip requirements in the form below, and a representative will help to create exactly the right itinerary for your group.

Our travels with Imagine in Taiwan were fulfilling and educational for our students in many ways. Most importantly, our students, who primarily live an urban existence, got to have genuine outdoor experiences like river trekking, fire building, tent camping and river raft construction. The activities were varied enough to interest everyone at some point during the week. The students participated in individual growth, partner and group activities. The instructors had the perfect balance between safety and confidence building through risk taking. Overall, Imagine has tangibly inspired many of our students to return to nature and increase their interaction with the environment."

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