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Taiwan Family Adventure /台湾亲子探险

Take your family on an exciting 7-day adventure around beautiful Taiwan Island. From airport pick-up onwards, everything is included, with Imagine’s own unique outdoor activities all along the way!

年齡:7-18歲跟家長 / Ages: 7-18 with parents

Option a) 15-21st July 2018 (2018年7月15-21日)

Option b) 5-11th August 2018 (2018年8月5-11日)

Option c)1-7th October (2018年10月1-7日)

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Taiwan is truly a hidden gem

A combination of the Island’s fascinating history and rich culture set in an impressive variety of natural beauty makes for an unforgettable family experience.

Imagine~Taiwan offers a unique introduction to this Island with a range of exciting activities and adventures. On an Imagine trip creativity is always encouraged and inspiration is the aim of the adventure!

Enjoy the fusion foods and culture of Taipei, Kayak down the stunning Shuang river, Sail alongside the sandy Fulong beach, spend the night camping under the stars, explore Taroko Gorge, wonder the ancient Qilan Forest and unwind in a natural thermal pool at Jiaoxi hot spring hotel.   



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Day 1

Taipei Bike tour and Elephant Mountain

Experience Taiwan’s capital in the best possible way ~ by bicycle. We have chosen one of our favourite routes through the City that explores Taipei’s amazing architecture, food and culture.

Taipei is a refreshingly bike-friendly City, so you can relax on the open bike paths. We will pass under the impressive Taipei 101 building before continuing onwards to Elephant Mountain where a short climb reveals a stunning city view. As you are guided through a few of Taiwan’s best attractions, shopping hotspots and markets, our guides share their insights into Taiwanese history and culture.

第一天: 台北自行車之旅+象山



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taiwan night markets

Introduction to Night Markets

Taipei’s famous night markets are certainly bright and energetic. With a feast of fusion foods on offer, we can provide an introduction to some of the finest eateries, and suggest a range of the Capital’s many fine dining spots if it takes your fancy.



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Day 2:  

Shifen waterfall + Kayaking trip  

Kayaking activities are a short bus ride eastwards to the Shuang River that leads to Fulong. We also have the option to set off early in the morning to marvel at the impressive Shifen Waterfall.     

Kayaking Day trip: On this body and soul rich adventure participants will embark on a journey along the Shuang river, leading out to the sandy Fulong beach. Instructors have carefully constructed a course that encourages cooperation and communication set in an awe-inspiring setting. The day will cover a range of skills needed to confidently control and navigate with a kayak. Instructors respect that participants might need to develop confidence out on the water and they help them achieve this with fun exercises and games.  Highlights include a delicious lunch and a gladiator competition with foam batons.

We will finish the day off at a comfortable campsite set right on the riverside where we can enjoy a campfire and games led by the Imagine guides.   

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sailing taiwan

Day 3

Sailing and Beach activities

Spend the day relaxing on Fulong beach, where we will have sailing and windsurfing activities available. Imagine guides have a whole range of games and activities to keep children entertained so this is a good opportunity to relax and enjoy a good book! In the afternoon we will drive south to Hualien where we will stay in the cozy Taroko Gorge lodge for the night.



Taroko Gorge lodge 3

Day 4

Explore Taroko Gorge 

This scale of this natural wonder will leave you speechless. Taroko Gorge is one of Taiwan’s greatest attractions and is a must see part of the Island. A river has cut a sheer valley from some of the tallest mountains in Taiwan reaching over 3400M! Marvel at the vertical cliff faces, cascading waterfalls and picturesque temples. This will be an thoroughly exciting day as we wind up through the mountains before heading off to spend the night in an ancient forest.   

第四天: 發現太魯閣 /


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ancient forest taiwan

Day 5

Qilan ancient forest + Hot Spring Hotel

Wake up nestled in the middle of an ancient forest with some cedar trees ageing over 3000 years old. This quaint setting is the perfect place to relax and enjoy exploring the forest. Join one of the optional tours or try the restaurant’s speciality  – the locally grown monkey-head mushroom. Imagine staff will organise a range of fun wilderness survival games and scavenger hunts!

In the afternoon we descend from the mountains and head down a picturesque valley to a hot spring hotel in Jiaoxi to soak in one of Yilan’s natural volcanic pools.


我們將在一群年齡超過3000年的雪松樹木屋中醒來!坐落在古老的森林中,精緻的環境是放鬆和享受森林探索的完美場所,您可以選擇參加一個自費的旅遊項目或嘗試餐廳的特色 – 當地種植的猴頭蘑菇。 Imagine的教練們會組織一些有趣的野外生存遊戲和尋寶遊戲!


Taroko Gorge lodge 2

hot springs hotel taiwan

IMG 1713 copy

archers taiwan trip 2

Day 6

Shopping, ARCHERY TAG, and Maokong mountain CABLEWAY

A trip to Taiwan wouldn’t be complete without making the most of the City’s fantastic shopping. On our last day of the trip, there is the opportunity for some of the group to go shopping whilst members with more energy to spare can join the Imagine guide to play a game of archery tag! In the afternoon we will regroup and embark on a unique glass-floored cableway ride up Maokong mountain for a delicious dinner with a view of the city.



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return home

Day 7

Return home 

In the morning a bus will take you to Taoyuan airport 



Package Includes

Imagine Instructor Fee, Hotels (if changing rooms for any reason, may need to pay for price difference), 1 night camping in tents, outdoor sport insurance (note: this is not the same as travel insurance),  all entrance tickets, all meals (from Day 1 dinner to Day 7 breakfast), all bus and transport fees, Taipei Taoyuan Airport pick-up/drop off. 

Does not include

Flights,travel insurance, shopping, snacks, optional leisure costs, anything not mentioned in the package. Please check if your passport allows you entry to Taiwan, and organise any permits you may require in advance of the trip.   

Price Per Person:  44350 NT$ (43000 NT$ per person, if two families together)



一個人費用:44350 NT$ (如果你和另外一個朋友的家庭,每位43000 NT$)

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Thank You!

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