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Vertical Support 伸展與支撐
Learn to align the body correctly 學習身體的正確姿勢

Floor Movement 地板動作
Learn to work off the ground 學習身體重心的轉換

Functional Patterns 幾何形式
Learn to move with geometry 學習使用幾何形來協調動作

Interactive Balance 平衡練習
Learn to maintain balance under pressure 學習維持身體的平衡

Muscle Memory 肌肉記憶
Learn useful reflexes and combinations 學習防禦性反應與進擊串連動作

Our Coaches


Benji 班傑

3rd Degree Black Belt in Kuo Shu 國術黑帶三段
2nd Degree Black Belt in Kenpo Karate 空手道黑帶二段
Certified Pilates Instructor認證皮拉提斯教練
Certified Practitioner of Datta Kriya Yoga 達塔克里亞瑜珈認證從業者

William 紅龍

2nd Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kung fu 少林武術黑帶二段
Professional Parkour Instructor 專業跑酷指導
Certified Yoga Instructor認證瑜珈教練
Bouldering Route Setter 攀岩路線指導


Monday 16:30-17:30


13 Week bilingual course | NT1000 / class


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