Parkour course

A creative movement course based in Taipei
Kids aged 7-12

Parkour with Imagine-Taiwan

At its basic level, Parkour is a fascinating discipline to train your body to be able to get over obstacles in your path: balancing, jumping, landing, rolling, vaulting, spinning, and more. Later, students can apply these foundations to develop skills in all kinds of freestyle sports. Our instructors use gym equipment to create obstacle courses for exercises that are carried out in the safest and most fun environment! 

Held at a gym in north Taipei, the course runs every school semester on Fridays from 16:30-17:30. Students sign up for a full semester course at a time.

If your child is not able to join from the beginning of the course please get in touch.


Friday's 16:30-17:30

13 Week bilingual course | 


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